Advantages and disadvantages of buying used musical instruments

Buying used musical instruments can bring both advantages and disadvantages for you. Let’s first discuss advantages of buying used musical instruments:

  1. One very obvious advantage of buying used musical instruments is cost factor. Used musical instruments are definitely cheaper than the new ones and if you search a bit more, you can find quite cheaper ones. Cost is perhaps the foremost factor and hence a great advantage.

  1. Another important thing is that mostly people buy musical instruments for fun and hobby. Most of the people get tired early and change the hobby and find something new to keep them busy. So if you have a second hand used instrument, you will not end up making a big lose if you plan to put your instrument in a dustbin.

  1. Another advantage of having a used instrument is that if you are a beginner, you may end up damaging your instrument because as beginner, you will have to experiment a lot on it and will not be able to deal with it professionally. So here again, a new bought costly instrument will hurt you much. If you end up damaging a used instrument, you will not be much worried as you would have bought it at a cheaper price.

Now let’s come to the disadvantages of used musical instruments.

  1. A used instrument will of course not carry the grace and shine that comes with the new one. You will not get the joy and pleasure to that extent which is there when you buy a new shiny instrument. So your level of excitement will not be the same.

  1. Next comes is the quality of the instrument. A used instrument will not be as good as the new one in quality. The efficiency of a used instrument will also not be the same as the newer one. So in terms of performance and quality of the instrument, the used instrument will not match the new one.

  1. Another drawback of buying used instrument is the warranty of the instrument. A new instrument will carry warranty with it and in case of damage or malfunctioning, you can simply claim its warranty. The used ones have not warranty. If you buy one instrument and it stops functioning properly the very next day, you cannot do anything. So it is highly advisable that you check the instrument properly before leaving the shop or the store from where you are buying. You need to check the instrument both physically and in performance so that your money is not wasted. Similarly, try buying used instruments from good reputable stores so that you may get better quality instruments.

Music is a passion and people are crazy about it. Most of the youngsters see their stars on the TV and shows carrying shiny electric guitars, violins etc and fall in love with such equipments. But once they buy and try to play, they start losing interest because it takes time and efforts to play and learn these instruments. So buying an instrument (used or new) actually depends on the circumstances

Online shopping of Musical Instruments

Different people have different choices of purchase. Some like to physically go and shop for the items they want while the others like to shop online to save time. Both the modes of shopping are fine and have pros and cons attached. In this article, we will give you some important tips if you are going to buy online. Musical instruments are costly items especially the advanced ones like electric guitar price, piano, violins etc and due care needs to be paid for purchasing online. So following tips need to be taken care of before you purchase online:

1- Normally if you try to buy online, there are a number of sites which you can select from. If you type your search item in Google or any other search engine, it will show you hundreds and thousands of results but not all sites are secure to buy from. You must try to buy from the sites that are there on the first page of Google or even on the second page because these are normally good established sites that are there in the business from long time and have solid parties behind. So first thing would be that you buy from the site that is there on top ones.

2- Secondly, if you select to buy from any site, see how long it has been established and is in business. The older the site, the more the authenticity. Do not prefer to buy from the sites which have been newly established because there is much of scam and fraud over the internet. Try to check the contact information of the page and see where the head office is located and also double check by calling at the numbers given on the contact us page of the site to see if they are real.

3- You can also check the credibility of the site or the store you are buying from; through the internet. You can see user reviews about any site online. Reviews of customers give you a great idea about how the site delivers. It can tell you about the quality of the products, how fast it responds, is there any after sale support available, do the site offers refunds or replacements in case the products are either damaged or not function properly and many other things like that. Quality sites have quick items deliver, good quality products, online support available and also they offer replacements and refunds.i.e

4- Online sites normally need payment via online processors. Here is when you give your credit card details. So you need to be careful that the site is secure and your confidential information will remain safe. There are different services that you can install in your devices to check if the site has SSL (secure socket layer). Your application shall alert you immediately if the site is not secure to operate. So avoid sites that do not have SSL.

You can follow above simple tips to make your online shopping of your musical instruments secure. There are some authentic online stores like or where you can buy safely.